Just wanted to drop you a line thanking you for your holster for the North American Arms Guardian 380. I’ve been carrying it for over three months now and not even my wife has noticed. When it’s in my pocket, I don’t notice either. I appreciate the contouring that helps it conform to my tuckus. Thanks for a great product!

Chris O. - Seattle

Just started using my wallet holster I purchased a few months ago. I have no fear of being "made" with it in my left back pocket with my LCP 2. I think with practice the speed disadvantage is negligible. I really like this product.

David N.

Love this wallet holster for my NAA magnum. Nicely made and comfortable.  I couldn't believe how fast it arrived at my house. I couldn't find where to leave a comment on your website but I wanted to let you know how pleased I am.

Chris C. - Caldwell, ID

Hello Kevin my name is Tony and I recently made a purchase of one of your wallet holsters for a Phoenix Arms hp22a about a week ago. I just want to start off by saying this is an amazing holster and thank you for coming out with such a brilliant and simple idea! I have worn it Non-Stop over the past week since it came in the mail to my home. I have to say out of all the holsters that I have tried this is by far the most comfortable. It does a great job doing what it is intended to do and you definitely have my business! I also will be sending others your way that also carry like I do.

Thank you for what you do and keep up the great work!

A new lifetime customer

Kevin I got the holster yesterday I can already tell it's exactly what I was looking for. Now off to get the permit. I grew up on a farm and live rural SD but things are changing even out here. So bought my first pistol and going to start carrying. Thank you for a great product Be safe sir and God Bless.


I purchased one of your great holsters, via Amazon Prime a month ago or so, for a new Taurus Curve and I like it! That is a very well made item and ought to loosen up over time (just like combat boot leather).

Gerald G.

I have been looking for a wallet holster for my NAA Guardian .380. Looking high and low to find one that would be perfect for the particular attire I occasionally wear in the summer. I have all different types of holsters for my handguns. My choice of carry is a 1911 Commander model. However depending on the attire I am wearing my NAA Guardian .380 is more practical for concealment purposes. I Live in Virginia and have a concealed weapons permit. Open Carry is also permissible but I rather not advertise.

To get to the point, when I saw your wallet holster online and watched your video, I thought that is just what I am looking for and ordered one. It arrived today. I am very pleased with the holster. It is exactly what I wanted! It is well made and conceals the profile of the weapon perfectly.

Good job! I appreciate good craftsmanship, I appreciate it was made here in the US, and appreciate what I received was exactly as advertised. You made an excellent video advertising your product and the instructions were point on. That video was the “I’m buying that” for me.

Frank H.

This holster is exactly what I have been looking for and I have never seen anything else like it. There's no way for anyone to see that I am carrying my Ruger LCP with Crimson Trace laser while using your wallet holster. The leather is thick and durable so I know I will be able to get a lot of use out of it.  The rubber insert holds the gun snugly but it is still easy to remove.

I own an ankle holster that I have been using for a while, but it would leave the gun in an inconvenient, hard to reach place in the event of an emergency. The ankle holster also becomes useless if I wear shorts. I have also tried a wallet style holster that leaves the back of the gun exposed. Those holsters are no different than just sticking a gun in your pocket, because they do not provide any extra concealment. Anyone standing in line behind me at the grocery store would easily be able to see I have a gun in my pocket.

I've only had your holster for one day and I have already decided I will never use my old wallet holster again. I would highly recommend your product to anyone that wants to fully conceal their small pocket pistol.

Mike W.

I just want to provide you with some feedback on the pocket concealment holster that I purchased from you a few months back for my Ruger LC9s. I’m a 50 something guy and I’ve handled guns since I was knee high, but I finally decided to obtain a carry permit this past summer. I did quite a bit of online research on holsters and I ended up just buying several different types.

I found the inside the belt holster a little uncomfortable and it felt like I was wearing a sign that I had a gun, even though it really wasn’t printing. The sticky pocket holster that slips into my front pant pocket works fairly well and it is quick to access, but it definitely prints; plus, I use my front pant pockets for other items like keys, change, phone, etc., that having a gun there was awkward for me. The standard outside the belt holster is fine if you’re into open carry, which is legal in my State, but guns scare most regular folks, and I’m not into being the center of attention toting a gun around.

Your holster is PERFECT! It is very comfortable and I prefer a slow draw. Before clearing leather, I want to be calculating all of my options, including a retreat without drawing my weapon. I can draw my Ruger out of your pocket holster about as fast as you do it in your video, and that’s fast enough. The best benefit of all is that NOBODY has a clue that I have a 9mm on me. It looks like any regular wallet and after time, the leather has formed around the pistol just as you said it would. I’ve become so use to it, that I forget that I’m even carrying. The other day, I switched back to my inside the belt holster, and I quickly threw it back into the drawer and went right back to your holster.

Thanks for a great product.

J.S. - San Antonio, TX