Gun Hip Packs

Gun Hip Pack Demo Video



Vertical gun packs take the place of the old fanny pack style holsters.  You get all the utility without the social stigmatization.  It carries up to a full size concealed weapon with weapon light, with more ammo than you could ever need.  In this user’s experience after carrying one for years, it scarcely draws a second glance.  It will be perhaps the best option ever for security or protective personnel, overseas government personnel, or citizens who need serious protection with a measure of discretion.


*Buckle and coil zipper opening system.  Uses size 10 coil zipper for longevity.  I can’t say how much longer the size 10 lasts, I can only say that after using this size for several years I have yet to have one wear out.  Smaller sizes, including 7 and 8, I have found to wear out regularly.

*Zippers have a simple loop of paracord with a knot for a handle, for silence and unobtrusiveness.

*Velcro lining inside front compartment holds the magazine pouches in place.  Pouches can easily be swapped.

*Mag compartment for the Large and X-Large is capable of carrying up to three 30 round pistol magazines, for which pouches are available.  There’s even room leftover for an ASP baton.

*No-slip lining on back to help hold the pack stable on your side.