Pocket Holster, Wallet Style For Full Concealment - Ruger MAX 9


Full concealment wallet holster for Ruger MAX 9.

  • Comfortable and convenient everyday carry of your licensed concealed weapon
  • Back pocket holster is top-covered and won't be noticed if someone sees down into your back pocket
  • Made for carry in places where you don't need to have it noticed

This full-concealment wallet holster is made especially for carrying in places where you can’t afford to have it noticed, such as at work.  It is also one of the best options for school staff or college students, in places where it is legal.   Most wallet holsters leave the butt of the gun visible if someone sees down into your pocket.  Those holsters that do cover the back end require additional steps to draw the gun after you take the holster out of your pocket.

This holster uses a molded hard rubber retaining insert to secure the pistol in place inside the leather covering when the covering is closed.  The retainer also keeps the thickness of the holster uniform, insuring the gun won’t print.  To draw it, take the wallet holster out of your pocket, open the cover, and simply flip the pistol out into your other hand.

It may not be quite as fast as wallet holsters you can draw from directly, but if you’re concerned about the gun being noticed, you can’t use those holsters anyhow.  Plus a lot of those holsters have a way of being dragged out of your pocket with the gun, negating the benefit of drawing directly.  Wallet holsters that hold the gun inside and fire as one unit are a good option for many, but those leave the butt of the gun exposed too.  They also might not be legal in every state.  Existing wallet holsters that do cover the gun completely typically have a holster inside the outer covering that the gun has to be drawn from, which slows down the draw.

This holster will insure  that anyone who sees into your pocket will see nothing but leather.  This new design also allows the holster to be made with dimensions as small as the dimensions of the gun.

To be sure, this holster is not the best choice if your primary concern is armed robbery. For that you need a holster you can draw from directly, and there are a lot of those available already. This holster is designed for full concealment, with the best speed possible from a full concealment wallet holster. It might not quite be the fastest there is, but it’s a lot less likely to get noticed, and it will insure you have something instead of nothing should something bad happen at work, or anywhere else it could happen where your right of protection isn’t as respected as it should be.  Since you have to take the gun out of the holster to shoot it, this holster also doesn’t come with any of the potential legal baggage that single unit gun/holster combos might have, no matter what state you’re in.

Brand new, handmade, patent # 9,297,612.


That’s easy!  If you shoot with your right hand, you need a right hand holster, and it needs to be carried in your left rear or cargo pocket, so the holster can be removed with your left hand and the gun deployed into your right hand for shooting.  If you shoot with your left hand, you need a left hand holster, and it needs to be carried in your right rear or cargo pocket.  No exceptions.  If you try to figure out your own alternative method, you’re going to be fumbling the gun a lot.  It works very well for its purpose when used as it was made to be used, but that’s how it has to be used.


First, check your state’s laws on whether you are required to inform law enforcement that you are carrying a gun when stopped.  You can do that HERE    If you do inform the officer you have a gun, then BEFORE reaching toward any pocket, clearly state the following:  “Officer, I want to make sure there is no potential for misunderstanding.  The gun is in the left (or right if applicable) back pocket.  My wallet with my ID is in the right (or other) pocket, and that is the pocket I’m reaching into.  Also, the gun is in a Kevin’s Concealment Wallet Holster which cannot be fired with the gun inside the holster and it is not a threat to you.”  Before reaching anywhere, be certain that all potential for misunderstanding has been addressed.  If the officer does not clearly understand what you have told him, then keep your hands in view and politely refuse to reach into any pockets whatsoever until he does.

See "Wallet Holsters Info" page for more complete details.

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