The user assumes all liability for the safe and legal use of these holsters.  It is the user’s responsibility to know and be in compliance with the laws on weapon carry in their area. User also understands that owning and using firearms carries inherent risks and fully assumes those risks while using firearms with the holsters available here.


With Kevin's Wallet Holster, user understands that the pistol is not gripped in place by the retainer.  The holster is made to retain the gun only when the outer flap is closed and holding it inside.  Upon opening of the flap, the holster is made to allow the gun to be immediately flipped out into the shooting hand.  Handling the gun and holster carelessly will result in the gun falling out of the holster and being dropped.


The user understands that with regard to the Kevin’s Wallet Holster model for the Colt Mustang/Sig P238 and similar 1911 style models, there is a remote possibility of the safety being disengaged by the gun shifting inside the holster.  If a pistol of that type has an ambidextrous thumb safety, it becomes a certainty that the safety will be disengaged in the holster by the outer leather cover shifting up and down, and because of this the user is advised not to carry those pistols fully cocked.


User agrees not to make any modifications of the wallet holster or retainer without written approval, or to attempt to use the holster with any gun it is not specifically designated for, NO MATTER how similar in appearance or design they may be.  Any such modification or improper use will void the warranty and will likely create safety hazards.  Any shifting or sloppy fit of the gun inside the holster can result in the trigger being pulled upon.  Also, if the wallet holster is made for a gun with a laser or weapon light attached, the gun MUST NOT be inserted without that SPECIFIC laser or light attached.


The user understands that with regard to Kevin’s Gun Pack, to draw the pistol by reaching into the pack and wrapping their hand around the pistol grip can cause the trigger to be pulled, as there is no barrier around the trigger guard like the typical belt holster has.  User also understands that if this happens and the pistol discharges, the pistol will be pointed down their leg and at their foot.  The safest method of drawing from this holster is to reach inside, and pinch the grip on the sides with the fingers rather than wrapping the hand around it, draw the pistol from the pack, and then shift the pistol into a firing grip.


Purchaser assumes liability for safe and legal use of this product.  Purchaser understands that shifting of a gun in the pocket can disengage a safety, and that a gun with an external safety should not be carried in a condition where that could result in an accident.  Purchaser understands that the proper way to draw from this pocket is NOT to try to reach in and wrap their fingers around the gun to draw it.  A finger will go inside the trigger guard and cause an accident.  The right way to draw is to pinch the sides of the grip, then pull the gun out of the pocket and shift it into a firing grip.  Purchaser understands that not all guns may be suited for use with this pocket, as a gun with protruding safeties and switches can catch on the lips of the pocket and impede the draw, though it may be possible to de-horn such controls so that doesn’t happen.  This pocket is unsuitable for use with revolvers in any case.

Users assume all liability for the safe and legal use of these holsters.


Holsters are guaranteed for life to be free from defects in materials or workmanship.  If any defect becomes apparent at any time, that is not related to normal wear, return it for repair or replacement at no charge.


First, when shipping any return, GET A TRACKING NUMBER FROM USPS. For greater emphasis, GET A TRACKING NUMBER.  DO NOT FORGET TO GET A TRACKING NUMBER.  I’ve had a lot of returns that for whatever reason did not show up.  With no tracking number there is nothing I can do.  Also, ALWAYS INCLUDE A NOTE saying whether you want to do a return or exchange.

Please DO NOT use FedEx. They consistently deliver packages to my neighbors.

If you decide within two weeks of receipt that your wallet holster isn’t for you, you can return it for a refund.  Paid shipping charges are not refundable.  If you’re not sure you’re going to keep it, please try not to scuff it up more than necessary while trying it out.  And please don’t order just to try it out and send it back, or my return policy may have to change.

Refunds are only available to the original purchaser.  If you received it as a gift or purchase it second-hand, please contact the original purchaser about returning it.  This is so I can refund the electronic payment directly.  This is also because I’ve had a LOT of these holsters stolen out of the mail and I don’t want to be refunding stolen property.  Repairs or exchanges for non-original purchasers are not a problem. 

Wallet holsters designated as "extra large" are not returnable just for excessive size.  There has to be an actual defect to be returnable, so look at the dimensions and be sure it's actually what you want.

If you are returning a holster for any reason, the cheapest way to ship is in a 6×9 bubble envelope, USPS First Class.  Shipping weight is 8 oz.  You can print a shipping label online at USPS.COM, or if you have Paypal, at


BE SURE TO GET A TRACKING NUMBER and send it to me.  Ship to:

Kevin’s Concealment     7819 174th Street Ct E     Puyallup, WA  98375