International Orders

I have added USPS International shipping options for international orders.  USPS International First Class generally costs around $15, and International Priority around $25.  You should see those shipping options when you order. 

If for any reason those don't work, you can still order by following these steps:

1. Send me an email with the model of holster you wish to purchase, right or left hand, and color.

2. I will send you a Paypal invoice to pay for it.  Be sure the shipping address you have listed with Paypal is correct.  Shipping by USPS International First Class is $15.  

3. I will print the shipping label from the Paypal transaction record, and it will be tracked there.  

Be aware that there is risk with international shipments.  I've had a lot of them vanish in transit, usually about the time they get to Customs.  If your country does not allow gun holsters, or if your customs personnel are not entirely honest, it may not arrive.  


Please note, I can only communicate in English.  Using a translator program will usually work well enough though.