Cargo Pocket Fast Draw Holster

Cargo Pocket Fast Draw Holster
At Kevin's Concealment we're always inventing stuff and here's the latest.  A cargo pocket holster that will compete with any belt holster for speed.  
You push it up from the bottom to eject the holster and gun out of the top of the cargo pocket.  From there you slide your hand up to the grip and draw the gun, all in one motion. 
A retainer strap on the back keeps it from flying all the way out when you push it up. 
The pocket has to be modified with magnetic buttons for the flap, and velcro for the retainer strap.  One pocket mod kit is included with each new holster.  If you don't sew, don't worry, the velcro and magnets can be permanently glued with either Amazing Goop Household Cement or Gorilla Clear Grip.  (Glue not included.)
The hard foam retainer block has to be fit to your gun, see third video below.  If you reply to your sales notification and tell me what gun/laser you have, in most cases I can do it for you at no extra charge.
This holster works with many types of cargo pockets, but some work better than others. 5:11 Stryke pants work extremely well.  Before buying the holster make sure your pocket and gun will fit well together.  The holster DOES NOT WORK WITH revolvers or 1911 style guns.
There isn't a faster pocket holster in existence so get yours now!