Concealed Carry Clothing




We will soon have available concealed carry clothing using Kevin's Gun Pocket.  The first items available will be running shorts for women and men, and jeans, with more clothing items to follow. 

My original plan for this gun pocket invention was to sell it as a standalone item that customers could get installed in their own clothing.  I thought that was an amazing idea, but the buying public seems to disagree.  I am therefore working now to select appropriate clothing to convert into concealed carry clothing and sell here.  Categories will include athletic shorts, jeans, dress pants, work pants, uniform pants, jackets and coats, and so on.  Customer input is appreciated if there are specific clothing items you would like to see this done with. 

So check back, or send an email to be notified when these things are available.




This carry option features:

  • Installs in pants of your choice, including casual, uniforms, business, work/outdoor, or running shorts/pants
  • Gun is fully concealed
  • No worries about misplacing your gun, or what to do with it when changing or going to the bathroom
  • Highly secure, yet with instant access at all times
  • Provides additional exterior pocket for your smartphone or keys
  • You still have use of your front pockets

This concealed carry option is made to be installed in the pants of your choice.  It’s a combination of a gun pocket that goes inside the pants, and a smartphone pocket that goes on the outside.

The gun pocket features a patent pending closure mechanism, which consists of two strips of flexible polycarbonate plastic sewn into the lips of the pocket, combined with a strip of elastic to hold them together.  It holds the pocket closed, but to access the inside you just stick your fingers into the opening.  No unsnapping, unzipping, or peeling of Velcro, you have instant access.

The pocket size refers to the width of the interior body of the pocket.  For example the 5″ pocket is 5″ wide on the inside.  To determine size, measure the height of your gun and be sure it won’t fit too tight.  The 4-1/2″ pocket is good for guns in the LCP category.  The 5″ pocket is good for larger pocket guns such as the LC9, G42/43, Sig 365, etc.

The pocket is made from indestructible ballistic nylon that will easily outlast the pants.  With a line of stitching, the shape of the pocket is customized to fit the gun you intend to carry in it, and this also keeps the gun from rotating into awkward and dangerous positions.  If you decide to carry something different later, you can remove that line of stitching and have a new one put in.  That line of stitching can be done with any sewing machine, so you can do it yourself too if you have one and aren't sure what you'll be carrying yet.

The phone pocket goes on the outside of the pants, and during installation it’s covered with fabric matching the pants.  It serves a dual purpose of holding your smartphone, and helping keep the gun pocket from being noticed.  The pocket is sized for a full size smartphone, and can be shortened by the installer for a smaller phone if needed.  It is also possible to install the outer pocket with its full size, and shorten it with a line of stitching straight across it afterward.

You can also install a second pocket on the other side of your pants for spare magazines.  The inside of the gun pocket has velcro for attaching magazine pouches made for that purpose.  The inside of the pocket is long enough for up to Glock semi-extended 22 round magazines.

Before installation you'll need to mark the pants for desired pocket location, and mark the pocket for custom fitting to your gun/laser.  You can use our approved installers who charge $20, or you can also take it to the clothing alteration person of your choice and show them the installation video.

Among other things, this pocket is destined to become a popular way for armed professionals to carry a backup gun.  If you belong to a department or agency that would like to look into this, you can get in touch to arrange to get a pair of duty pants with a pocket installed for testing.  If you decide to go with these, you can also arrange to ship pants to me in bulk for pocket installation. If you have a clothing repair person on staff you can also purchase pockets for your own installation.

If you are a school staff professional or college student who can legally carry, this pocket solves virtually all of the potential problems with carrying in that environment.  You'll never have to worry about where to put it when going to the bathroom, or about it being seen or otherwise getting misplaced.  If you are a gym instructor, having this pocket installed in your athletic shorts or pants will enable you to protect students in any circumstance.

This is the most natural and comfortable carry method you’ll ever find.  You’ll find yourself forgetting you even have a gun, but it will be there in easy reach when you need it.  Buying one or two to test the concept doesn’t cost a lot, so give it a try.

DISCLAIMER:  The pocket is not returnable if it has been installed or altered.  Purchaser assumes liability for safe and legal use of this product.  Purchaser understands that shifting of a gun in the pocket can disengage a safety, and that a gun with an external safety should not be carried in a condition where that could result in an accident.  Purchaser understands that the proper way to draw from this pocket is NOT to try to reach in and wrap their fingers around the gun to draw it.  A finger will go inside the trigger guard and cause an accident.  The right way to draw is to pinch the sides of the grip, then pull the gun out of the pocket and shift it into a firing grip.  Purchaser understands that not all guns may be suited for use with this pocket, as a gun with protruding safeties and switches can catch on the lips of the pocket and impede the draw, though it may be possible to de-horn such controls so that doesn’t happen.  The pocket is unsuitable for revolvers in any case.