Evaluators Needed

Are you an LEO who would like to get a Kevin's Concealment Gun Pocket in your uniform pants for free?  At this moment I'm working on getting this product up and moving and need LEO evaluators to test it and give me an honest evaluation.  All I need is a pair of your uniform pants to install the pocket in.  Just get in touch, then ship me the pair of pants, along with the gun model you plan to carry in it.  The 5" wide pocket I have here now will carry LCP to LC9 or Sig 365 sized pistols comfortably, but a Shield would be too big. The pants can have no cargo pocket or other pocket on the side where it's being installed, as it gets installed in the cargo pocket position.

All I ask in return is an honest evaluation, and perhaps show it to your supervisors or training personnel.  And if your department thinks more of you should have them, maybe drop a note to 5.11 and tell them they should think about picking it up. 

Soon as this pocket catches on it's going to become standard equipment, so here's your chance to beat the rush.