Blemish Holsters

They're piling up and I'd rather give them away than waste them.
This is where I get rid of holsters with flaws.  Holsters may have imperfections or minor surface cracks in the leather, or may have been trimmed or shaped a little wrong.  It might also be a slightly used return.  I promise two things: One, it will function normally. Two, there will be something wrong with it.  So no complaining about the fact it's actually blemished, this is how I get rid of these things and I don't want them back.  If there is a flaw that actually affects function though, you can get in touch about that.  If you decide you'd rather have the non-blemish version and want to exchange, then as long as it wasn't specially made I'll consider that too.  Look at the regular listing for your model for complete details, and be certain it's what you really need.  Prices might vary if the blemish is really small or really big.  If you have questions, ask them before ordering please.
If there's quantity showing for "Any Model" and you want a holster that's not listed here, choose that and tell me what holster you need in the "Notes" box on the Cart page.  You don't get to pick color, it's whatever I have on hand.  If no quantity is listed, it might be because I only have blemish leather that won't fit every holster, so you can inquire if I have one that will fit your gun.
If you're more concerned about money than looks and want to get one of these on the cheap, this is the way to go!


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