Property For Sale

I have a .55 acre property that I want to sell located at 7819 174th St Ct E Puyallup WA 98375.  Parcel number is 0419298018.  Zoned multi-family.

I'm specifically seeking to sell it to a developer.  The parcel is situated next to where a northward extension of 78th street will be running, making it a valuable location. When that street will be extended exactly I don't know, but the developers who cleared the land to the northwest of me last year for a development also cleared land for that road extension so I don't think it will be very long. 

Here is a recent MLS data sheet on the property:

The RealAVM places the median estimate at $132,806.  I'm putting an asking price of $125,000 on it.

What I would like to do is first accept bids, agree on a price with a buyer, then have time to find a new place to purchase, either before or after finalizing the sale.  I would like to leave realtors out of this and do the paperwork through escrow, and split the cost.  

This property is also an opportunity for a developer who would like to eventually develop the area of this neighborhood.  The adjacent property on the south side of mine is currently owned by the county, and when they're done with it they'll probably be looking for a developer to pick it up.  There is also another property for sale on this street at the entrance on 79th St, which is the property where the well that serves this street sits.  Eventually that well will fail, and despite my own efforts to remedy the situation, when it does the owners here will have little prospect for replacing it and will most likely be forced to sell by the county.  Whoever owns properties here already will have their foot in the door for acquiring them.

If interested please contact me at:

Kevin Schmadeka    206 375-0533