Gun Pocket Installation

Your options for installation are to take it to a clothing alteration person who can do it, or send your pants to me for in-house installation by my local installer. 


If you send the pants to me, my local installer currently charges $20 per pocket.  That could vary if there is extra work involved like removing an existing exterior pocket  When you ship your pants with the pockets, please send them in Priority Mail packaging, and include a prepaid return shipping label.  Include your contact info and email, and on arrival I'll send you an invoice or link to make the appropriate purchase.  Turnaround time is 2 weeks or so.  To go this route, first purchase the pockets you need, mark the pants according to instructions, and ship both to me at:

Kevin's Concealment Holsters  5706 160th St E  #7  Puyallup, WA 98375


If you take the pants to a clothing alteration person, you can show them the installation video for instruction.  The installer will need to have an industrial-grade sewing machine.  If you want to install it yourself, unless you have an industrial-grade machine and good deal of skill that is probably not a realistic option. 


You will need to mark your pants for the pocket location using a washable marker, such as a dry-erase marker.  For men's pants, a general guideline is that the horizontal slit should go 12" from the top of the pants.  For a 5" pocket the slit will be 5-1/2" long.  It should be placed so 2" is in front of the outer seam, and the rest behind the seam.  This is just a guideline, there may be variables involved including your height and how the pants are designed, so draw the line, put the pants on and see how you like the placement before sending them in.  Do not do any cutting on the pants.


As shown in the installation video, the pocket needs to be marked so the shape can be customized for the gun/laser it is intended for.  You can follow the instructions in the video to do it yourself, or if you tell me what gun/laser you have, chances are pretty good I'll be able to do it for you.  DO NOT use the pocket with a loaded gun until it has been custom fit to the gun, as the gun can rotate into awkward positions that make it dangerous to fish out.  Note that while the pocket will not be usable with guns of different size or shape, the stitching that customizes the pocket is removable and replaceable.  So you can change your mind later, and that line of stitching can be done with any sewing machine.


A piece of cloth matching the pants will be needed to cover the outer phone pocket.  You can supply this yourself, or I can supply it.  If I supply it there may be a $1 charge per piece, which can be included in the invoice.  I will endeavor to keep a chunk of cloth on hand matching each type and color of pants that comes in.  So if I don't have matching cloth handy, I can go buy a piece and then keep the rest for future use.  In cases where I can't find cloth that doesn't have a noticeable mismatch of any kind, I will notify you so you can decide how to proceed.  In a worst-case scenario you might need a pair of sacrificial pants to get matching cloth from.