Welcome To Kevin's Concealment Holsters

The holsters you'll find here are a little different.  In my own quest for carry options that worked for me, everything I found had shortcomings of some kind. So I created my own carry options and now I offer them to you here.

Click the links on the left to look at the patented Wallet Holster For Full Concealment, the Installable Gun Pocket, and the hip-worn Vertical Gun Pack.  Click Catalog to shop and buy.  Please note that this is my new site with Shopify, where you will find a lot more payment options than I had before.

SCAM SITE ALERT:  Internet fraudsters have begun to copy my listings and use them on fake ecommerce sites.  One site currently using them is www.fadwells.top, another is weggashop.top.  DO NOT BUY FROM THESE SITES.  As near as I can tell these sites exist only to steal your credit card numbers.  The only places I currently sell are this site kevinsconcealment.com, Ebay at http://stores.ebay.com/kevinsconcealment, Amazon under “Kevin’s Concealment Holsters” and Etsy at www.etsy.com/shop/KevinsConcealment.  Any other venues I begin to sell in will be listed here, and you can always call me to verify at 206 375-0533.  If you have mistakenly made a purchase from a site like this, please contact me about it and I will do what I can to help.