Cargo Pocket Fast Draw Holster


This is the fastest cargo pocket holster ever made.  You don't have to reach inside the pocket to grab the gun, thus losing time.  To draw, you push the holster up from the bottom to pop it out of the top of the pocket.  Then you slide your hand up to the grip and draw the gun all in one motion.


Currently available only in the first introductory size, more sizes coming soon.  Measure the height of your gun to see what width you need.  Generally requires flat magazine floorplates.  Retainer block must be fit to your gun, or if you tell me what gun/laser you have in most cases I can prepare it for you no extra charge.  DOES NOT WORK WITH revolvers or 1911 style guns.  Sizes available are:

SIZE 1, SIG 365 CLASS: Height 6" Inside Width 4-1/4" Height Of Front: 3"  FIts: Beretta Nano, DB9, G42 (not G43), Kahr CT380, KelTec PF9, KelTec P11, SCCY CPX1&2, Ruger LC9, Sig 365